Is ‘Fried Rice Paradise’ star Uriah See really as “cocky and confident” as he says he is?

We find out during our chat with the Malaysian singer-actor, who is currently competing in a ‘Produce 101’-like programme in China.

Uriah, who plays Hennessy Goh in 'Fried Rice Paradise', is a classically trained vocalist and violinist.

Photos: Mediacorp, Instagram/Uriah See

For someone who readily admitted that he is as “cocky and confident” as his character Hennessy Goh in Fried Rice Paradise, Malaysian singer-actor Uriah See actually comes off as a pretty down-to-earth guy - or at least, that’s the impression we got during our recent 20-minute conversation via a Telegram voice call.

In fact, he instantly started contradicting himself when we asked him what he feels most confident about. “Actually, I often feel like I’m inferior,” he sighed. “But to answer your question, I would say… my music and my talents, I guess? [Pauses] And my looks. Sometimes.”

We’ve heard haughtier remarks from people who were actually trying to be humble.

This attitude of his is not a bad thing, of course. We wholeheartedly embrace modesty, especially in an up-and-coming young star like the 23-year-old Johor Bahru native, whom Singapore audiences will be introduced to when the Dick Lee stage-to-screen adaptation premieres on Channel 5 tonight (Jul 2).

While this will be his first time appearing in a local production, Uriah has already racked up quite an impressive list of achievements elsewhere: in 2014, he won the Astro Star Quest Chinese singing competition in his home country, before being crowned world champ at the TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong.

He has even spent a month training like a K-pop star in South Korea, released his own mini-album, and dabbled in acting with two Malaysian movies, including badminton icon Lee Chong Wei’s 2018 biopic. To top it all off, Uriah is a classically trained vocalist and violinist, and is currently participating in a televised competition for opera singers in China (more on that in a bit).

That’s a lot for a “cocky and confident” person to boast about, if you ask us.

Uriah spent a month training like a K-pop star in Seoul and is currently participating in an opera singing competition in China.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a side that only comes out when he’s with his closest pals (and not a reporter he was speaking to on the phone for the first time in his life). Even then, he claimed he’s only pompous in a playful way.

“Sometimes I’ll get cocky and confident when I’m with my friends, but only jokingly,” he clarified. “The difference between Hennessy and I is that he’s cocky and confident in a serious way, while I had to make that playful side of me become serious.”

Uriah also admitted that he struggled with displaying his character’s weaker, more emotional aspects. “I hardly cry, and I had to cry for a lot of scenes,” he said. “I think I’m too used to suppressing my emotions, so the most eye-opening experience for me on set was learning to open up and feel what my character was feeling.”

Uriah's and Fang Rong's characters eventually become romantically involved in 'Fried Rice Paradise'.

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