KIN fans weren’t happy when Jason Godfrey got married in real life?

We chat with the actor about his recent wedding, honeymoon plans, and where he hopes his character James Shelley is when the show ends.


It’s tough living with a cast member of a TV show you’re following. Just ask Rose Leslie (wife of Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington) or Sorina Veronica Catuna (wife of KIN’s Jason Godfrey), who’ve both been subjected to unwanted spoilers just because they asked their partners about their day at work.

When we caught up with Jason to talk about KIN’s five-year time jump (which starts in episode 244) and his recent wedding, the Filipino-Canadian actor admitted that talking about what happened on the set of the popular Channel 5 series at home can get him in trouble if he’s not careful.

One example is when he - spoiler alert for those who are still far behind - revealed that his character James Shelley’s then-fiancée Emily Kwan was going to cheat on him. “She was like, ‘Aaargh! Why would you tell me!’ It did not go down well,” he recalled with a sheepish grin.

Well, that certainly didn’t stop Sorina, an interior designer from Romania whom he dated for about eight years, from agreeing to marry Jason when he popped the question during a weekend getaway in Phuket, Thailand.

Jason and Sorina tied the knot in Romania last month. ​​​​​​​

“We were walking along the beach and I thought, okay, this is nice, I’m going to try and propose,” he recalled. “Her hands were full because she had been picking up recycling, so I made her stand in the sand - with her feet nicely buried so she couldn’t run away from me - and I asked her to marry me. I saw the panic in her eyes, but she couldn’t move, and she said yes. She had no choice. (Laughs)”

He’s clearly embellished some details for comedic effect, but hey, that’s one way to tell your future kids how mummy and daddy became engaged. And yes, Jason and Sorina “definitely” have plans to start a family. He’s already been getting ample practice on how to handle children thanks to his onscreen daughter in KIN, five-year-old child actress Germaine Tong.

“On our first day, we only shot two scenes, but it felt like I had shot 12 - I was so tired! If I have a kid, my favourite game is going to be ‘daddy’s going to lie on the couch while you play over there’.” We’re sure those with little ones at home can relate.

(Left) Jason and his wife Sorina; (right) Jason and his 'KIN' daughter, played by Germaine Tong.

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