128 Circle
128 Circle, a multilingual drama follows the lives of a group of hawkers operating from the fictional 128 Circle Food Centre.

The setting reveals the rich diversity of our Singapore heritage while the use of multiple languages reflects our different voices in a fresh, authentic way.

The cast includes veteran actors like Duan Wei Ming, Silvarajoo Prakasam; familiar faces Daren Tan, Jae Liew, Sharon Ismail, Ashwini Nambiar, Constance Lau and Chase Tan.

The cast will speak a mix of English and their native mother tongues in Mandarin, Malay or Tamil to reflect the authenticity of local dialogue.

Come follow the lives of Larry, Aishah, Dominic, Chandra and Yi Kai many more as you relate to their struggles and aspirations.

Fun Fact: The title of the drama ‘128’ sounds like ‘want to eat’! So don’t miss some of your favourite hawker food too.

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