Channel 5 Telemovies (TIF)
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Audio: English
Genre: Drama

A story lies within every heart. And we would like to share ours for a start. From February to May 2016, four tales come your way. In February, The Love Machine follows four lonely, isolated individuals seeking love in the digital age. Would technology be the answer to complete the equation for love ? In March, we bring back the lovable kids from Spelling Armadillo ! In Spelling Armadillo 2, the kids face new challenges as they represent the school in the regional spelling bee competition. Go on a learning journey with the kids as they learn the meaning of selflessness while striving to be the best. In April, a single woman decides to pretend to be pregnant to see if life is better as a pregnant woman in Baby Bumps. And in May, a rebel with a checkered past turns to MMA in hope that it can be an outlet for her repressed anger at life and the people who have betrayed her in Rise. Will she able to overcome the demons of her past and also her own self-doubt ?

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