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President’s Star Charity 2020
In times of challenge or crises, charity plays an even more important role in lifting up vulnerable groups or those in need. The President's Star Charity (PSC) aims to galvanise the community-at-large to support the President's Challenge through raising funds which will go towards its beneficiaries.

As President’s Challenge celebrates its 20th anniversary, the President’s Star Charity continues to inspire Singaporeans to give and to empower – because miracles happen when you BELIEVE YOU CAN - believe you can help even in the smallest way, and believe that you can make a difference to the lives of the beneficiaries. Every little bit counts!
Riding on the success of The Light, Jarrell Huang and JJ Neo have penned the very first theme song for the President’s Star Charity, to commemorate 20 years of the President’s Challenge.

On the recording of this gorgeous and inspirational track, Jarrell and JJ are joined by Umar Sirhan and Meenakshy Jyothish, rising talents in the music industry.

During the live show of the President’s Star Charity, they will in turn be joined by the Voices of Singapore Choral Society. Voices of Singapore is widely known for their community choirs, award winning vocal ensembles and festivals. This event will also be the debut of their newly-formed Starlight Voices, a choir for children with special needs. During the circuit breaker, their Singapore Virtual Choir Project made waves with over 900 singers performing Home.

“… This song is about the power of simply believing in one’s self, and believing in those around them…. - alone, we are limited but together, we are unlimited.” – Jarrell Huang and JJ Neo

Catch this performance of the song ‘LIVE’ on Sun 4 Oct, on Channel 5, meWATCH & meWATCH YouTube, with your favourite stars!

Written by Jarrell Huang & JJ Neo
Produced/arranged by Adam Lee (Republic Polytechnic)
Performed by Jarrell Huang, JJ Neo, Umar Sirhan & Meenakshy Jyothish
Choral arrangement by Darius Lim
Cycling Without Age was started in Denmark in 2012 by Ole Kassow as a means to get seniors back on their bicycles despite their limited mobility. Since then, Cycling Without Age has spread to over 42 countries around the world. In 2015, Cycling Without Age Singapore (CWAS) became the first chapter in Asia. CWAS’s flagship offering is an innovative intervention programme for seniors and persons with limited mobility combating social isolation – intergenerational trishaw rides.

Their vision is a world in which no one faces social isolation, and has the opportunity to feel the wind in their hair, to give everyone the chance to feel a part of society, and the right to experience the city and nature close up from a trishaw ride and the opportunity to tell their stories in the environment where they have lived their lives. CWAS hopes to build bridges between generations and reinforce trust, respect and the social glue in our society.

In a special segment for the President’s Star Charity, in partnership with CWAS and Team SG - Mediacorp artistes Pierre Png, Elvin Ng and 7 Team SG athletes (Calvin Sim, Nurul Suhaila, Charmaine Soh, Shanti Pereira, Emma Middleditch, Lavin Raj and Jacob Mahler) will cycle and ferry beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge, all the way to the President’s Star Charity Show, and in between, bring a spark of joy, fun and a breath of fresh air to them. They might share some laughs, a story or two, but most of all, it’s a time where different generations will get to connect, and inspire one another.

Support and encourage Pierre, Elvin and our Team SG athletes by donating generously!
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