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Written by Jarrell Huang & JJ Neo
Produced/arranged by Adam Lee (Republic Polytechnic)
Performed by Jarrell Huang, JJ Neo, Umar Sirhan & Meenakshy Jyothish Choral arrangement by Darius Lim

Whenever we encounter obstacles in life, the road to overcoming them seems long and we feel alone in our troubles. This song is about the power of simply believing in one’s self, and believing in those around them. This creates a strong community of individuals who constantly uplifts each other, and helps one another through tough times - alone, we are limited but together, we are unlimited.

Sometimes it hurts you’re on your own I know
The days they feel so long
And now we’re longing for new hope
To turn this tide around
I’ll take your fear and doubt

The dreams we have seem far away I know
The road ahead is long
And now we’re longing for new hope
The time for dreams has come
Erase your fear and doubt

I’ll carry all this weight now
Don’t have to be afraid now

When you believe
The sky’s the limit
When you believe
Then magic isn’t so hard to find

When you believe
In us you find the strength to power through
When you believe
We’re better together
It’s a whole new world for us
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