Supermodelme S5: Sirens
Available for Toggle-It-First
Mature Themes 成人题材

Audio: English
Genre: Fashion and Beauty, Variety

Anticipating the start of the competition, our 12 finalists make their way to a secret location to meet host Lisa S. The girls soon find themselves standing on a rooftop overlooking the vast KL city skyline. In the distance, soaring through the Petronas twin towers we see a helicopter approaching as it descends upon the 12 contestants. Lisa steps out and welcomes the girls to the start of competition and sends them straight into their very first task. In an instance, our newbies are placed in the spotlight, standing before a panel of industry experts in a nerve-wrecking casting call. Each girl will be tested on their catwalk skills and assessed based on modelling potential. The contestants will be given crucial pointers and advice from our panel of experts to help them make it through the rest of the competition. This process reveals the front-runners early on and sets the tone for the rest of the season. The heat of the competition has just barely begun as the girls get settle into their new model house, but before they even begin to unpack Lisa springs a surprise makeover for the girls. Whisked away to the hair salon the girls are immediately transformed and emerge with fresh new looks. It is a deadly game of seduction in their very first photo challenge, as our 12 contestants star in a High Fashion 'Deadly Sirens' themed calendar/catalogue photo shoot. At elimination, they face Lisa S and the Supermodelme judging panel for the first time. The reality of the competition immediately sinks in when one girl gets sent packing.

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