Airport Strikers 机场特警 (Dual Sound)
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Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

The Hong Kong Airport Special Police Unit (ASU) is a special police force responsible for maintaining public and aviation security, counter-terrorism, key personnel protection, disaster support and many other areas. Encountering different situations on duty, they see the joys and sorrow of life that make them reflect on their own lives. With every step forward, they establish a sense of mission as the airport security police. 年轻警员张景山(张振朗饰)、辛凯晴(蔡思贝饰)、何诗嬅(邓佩仪饰)、邬冠聪(朱敏瀚饰)为着不同原因,报考机场特警。在教官文永强(关礼杰饰)的严厉指导下,四人达标毕业,加入机场特警组。景山却经常与特警组总督察章振赫(黄子恒饰)对着干,警长马容义(杨明饰)深知他们的嫌隙,不时居中缓解。景山意外遇上空姐余安娜(汤洛雯饰),二人相恋容易相处难,景山反而渐对女拍档凯晴产生微妙感觉。各人於执勤时尽见悲欢离合,徘徊生死,逐步确立身为机场特警的使命感。然而,巨大危机正悄悄逼近,令团队陷入前所未有的困境

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