All Around You 回路网

Female protagonist Li Xintong is emotionally close to her sister Carmen. When Carmen was in Japan, she fell prey to a love scam and so was depressed, she took her life, leaving Xintong devastated. Years later, Xintong joined a special web PR company Shadow, which helps their client deal with online problems, such as cyber bullying, online falsehood etc. The company is set up by Huo Junhao, a smart, resourceful and mysterious guy. Xintong is Junhao’s aide and apprentice, Junhao decides to leave Shadow to Xintong but even Xintong would not know Junhao’s whereabouts. 女主黎欣彤的姐姐是一起网络爱情诈骗案的受害者,小欣彤亲眼目睹姐姐自杀身亡,十分痛恨爱情骗子。她辗转加入由霍君豪创办的一家名为Shadow的神秘网络公关公司,利用和操作社交媒体舆论,协助遭到网络舆论霸凌,面临危机的客户。

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