Back to Home 月村欢迎你
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

From a beautiful hometown called "Yuecun", explore the value of Taiwan's ancient historical and family significance, and at the same time delve into the spirit of Taiwan's traditional Yantian culture. From home to Yantian, the temperature and heritage of the home is the main core of the whole drama. In the story, the practice of the youth drifting back to the countryside depicts the moving and beautiful story of this land. 从一个名为“月村”的美丽家乡,探讨台湾古迹文史与家庭意义的价值,同时深究台湾传统盐田文化的精神,从家乡到盐田,家的温度与传承是全剧的主要核心,更透过故事中青年北漂返乡的实践,刻画出这片土地上动人又美好的故事。

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