Big White Duel 白色强人 (Dual Sound)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Marshall Paxton, a leading public hospital, has become a pilot for medical reform. Yeung Yat-to spend 5 years to make Marshall Paxton a listed company that earns more than 10 billion a year. Tong Ming disagrees with Yat-to's plan of putting profits before patients,Hence the power struggles starts to brew and the doctors are not only fighting to save patients, but also human greed and lust for power. 公营医院龙头「明成北」成为医疗改革的试点,副院长兼脑神经外科主管医生杨逸滔计划将明成北打造成集资百億的医疗王国!心胸肺外科主管医生唐明本着捍卫病人生命,将人命置於医疗制度之上的理念,与徒弟潘怀德并肩作战,却被院长吕仲学拉进抗衡医改的权力游戏。

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