Girlie Days 她她她的少女時代 (Dual Sound)
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Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

The drama follows the up-and-downs of Kristal Tins character. She marries Raymond Cho's character at age 19 with her sister's daughter in tow. Her life revolves around her family, but after 20 years of marriage she finds out that her husband is in love with another woman. She files for divorce, loses her job, and her daughter leaves her. Her life falls apart and the story follows her inspirational journey to find herself again. 人到中年,营役半生,方迎风的人生却迎来遽变。失婚失业,女儿离巢,她迷失、她顽抗,却体力衰退、与社会脱节。二十年前的轻狂岁月,二十年後的柴米油盐,面目全非的她,竟重遇当年迷恋的偶像。偶像潦倒不堪,丈夫欲断难断,种种挫折与冲击,迫使她直面过去的失败,重新振作,激励自己与身边人。

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