ICAC Investigators 2019 廉政行动 2019 (Dual Sound)
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Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

This crime drama is about Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which the drama is a co-production between the ICAC and TVB, and features standalone episodes. Each episodes dramatises real cases of the Commission and serves both to educate the populace against corrupt practices and as a public relations tool for the ICAC. 廉政公署新人欧阳智与沈泳君,在资深调查员张嘉汶及韩奕山带领下,调查「教师向家长索取金钱」、「松手验车」及「高级食肆非法回佣」等棘手案件,逐渐独挡一面。及后山为自己前途计划,决定离职另谋发展。廉署突然收到举报前高官靳东尧免租入住豪宅的投诉信;执行处助理处长黄景新率同嘉汶、智、君深入调查,未料竟与任职律师的山对阵。此时,嘉汶因病被迫退下战线,智与君遂肩负起反贪重任,誓要打下香港廉政行动其中最重要一仗!

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