My Guardian Angels 单翼天使
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Three women living in the same HDB block become “single” mothers because of their own difficult circumstances. Without the support of their significant other halves, they are like angels missing one side of their wing, but vouching to be their children’s guardian angels forever. However, when a mysterious man in the neighbourhood came among them, the relationship between the three mothers is thrown into disarray. 虽然生活中少了另外一半,住在同一座组屋的三个‘单身’妈妈为了守护孩子,应付生活中的许多挑战,成为孩子的坚强后盾。当一个曾经坐牢的男子出现在她们的生活中,又会引发什么样的不安与感动呢?

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