My First School
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Xu Le Qing, aged 20, graduated from Polytechnic with a Diploma of Early Childhood. She comes from a well-off family who is always jovial, cheerful and helpful. Her smiles and optimism brought joy to the people around and no one could tell that she had gone through a painful experience of losing her father at 11 years old. Le Qing is very close to her father and when her father died of cancer, she went through a painful period of mourning. Xu Zheng Bo is a good father. He believes that parents play an important role in guiding and leading in the upbringing of their children. Hence, he believes that pre-school education has a great impact which can influence a child’s life. When Le Qing was 4 years old, he quit his job as a computer programmer to be a full-time father to take care of Le Qing. Le Qing’s mother, Lin Yi Xin continued to work so that Zheng Bo can focus in taking care of Le Qing. With the love, tender and care given to Le Qing, she grows up as a happy and confident girl. 徐乐晴,20岁,毕业于理工学院幼儿教育文凭班。生长在小康之家的乐晴,性格开朗,乐于助人,阳光笑脸常挂脸上,完全看不出她曾经历过生离死别的痛苦经历。在她11岁那年,和她感情十分亲密的父亲徐政博因癌症去世,让乐观活泼的乐晴走过了人生最灰暗的一面。 徐政博是一个好父亲,认为父母是孩子的伴学者、领航者,也深信学前教育可以影响孩子的一生。在乐晴四岁那年,毅然辞去电脑编写员工作,在家里当起全职爸爸,乐晴的母亲林意欣则继续在职场打拼。乐晴在爸爸全心全意的关爱下快乐成长,成为一个乐观、自信的阳光女孩。

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