Super Dad 男神不败
Release date / Available from:
Some Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Xu Wei Hao was born with a silver spoon. After the decline of his family wealth, he remains unambitious, even his daughter looks down on him. Wei Hao's neighbor, Li Zheng Yi, is a cowardly cop. He is in a relationship with Liu Xue Hua, a single mother and they live together. Her children refuse to accept him as their stepfather. Xue Hua refuse to forgive her ex-husband, Chen Kai, who has just been released from prison. The three men accidentally ate mysterious chocolates ... 许伟豪出身富裕的伟豪,在家道中落后依旧缺乏进取心,连女儿也看不起他。住在伟豪同层楼的邻居李正义是个胆小怕事的警察,他与单亲妈妈刘雪华交往并同住在一屋檐下,可是雪华的儿女却拒绝接受这个小男人当后父。雪华无法原谅刚出狱的前夫陈凯,还告诉他孩子们也不会认这个作奸犯科的爸爸。三个男人人无意中吃了神秘巧克力…

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