Terror Within 内颤
Release date / Available from:
Some Violence and Coarse Language

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A man suddenly attacks a family event at East Coast Park, driving into the crowd recklessly and then exits the vehicle, slashing whoever comes into his sight. After experiencing this traumatic event, the survivors face immense challenges in rebuilding their life. 一个阖家欢乐、老少咸宜的家庭活动日因遭受恐怖攻击,沦为惨剧。莫名男子将车开入人群中,见人就撞;下车以后,见人就砍。经历了这场无差别袭击后,生还者们饱受艰辛。尽管政府成立了心理辅导小组来协助他们,一些人始终无法打开心房接受帮忙。

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