Wonder Women 多功能老婆 (Dual Sound)
Release date / Available from:
Some Sexual References

Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

A housewife's self-identity is challenged when her husband cheats on her and moves out of the apartment. To help pay for her mortgage, she rents out a room in the apartment. The new tenant just so happens to be tall, handsome, and rich. 蓝飞(杨千嬅饰)是一位美丽时尚的“多功能”主妇,与丈夫尚剑雄(黄浩然饰)生活美满。蓝飞有两位好闺蜜:美丽富太马思蕾(朱晨丽饰)及女强人万风华(陈炜饰),三女的爱情观南辕北辙。剑雄全身投入开拓事业,被揭发出轨后更出走内地。蓝飞失婚,独力带着儿子生活,遂把房屋分租,与高富帅租客荣浩田(周柏豪饰)互相斗气,笑料百出。女人因男人的绝情而枯萎,又因另一男人的深情而再次盛放。

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