YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

Yifong hosts her very first cooking-cum-talk show with her daughter Eleanor. Friends of Yifong would know she never knew how to cook and always hated cooking! But now, she even brings pots and pans to cook in China, where Eleanor is developing her acting career. In this brand new show set in a cosy little kitchen, both mother and daughter are going to host guests who have played important roles in their lives. 本地名嘴主持怡凤首次与女儿凯馨合作主持烹饪及谈话综艺节目。怡凤的朋友都知道她完全不会煮饭,更不爱下厨!然而,现在她竟会带着锅碗瓢盆远赴中国为女儿做饭!在这档全新的节目中,母女俩将在为她们精心而设的温馨厨房中设宴,招待在她们人生中扮演过重要角色的嘉宾。母女俩将与艺人朋友们话家常,聊聊彼此这些年来曾经历的酸甜苦辣。

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