Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound)
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Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

The story of Another Era begins with the global financial crisis of 2008. Ambitious businessman Leo Ho Ting Sang (Roger Kwok) wanted to buy out Fong Chung Yam's (Bowie Wu) business group, but Cheuk Kai Tong (Pat Poon) stopped him in time. Furious, Leo decides to out a plan to destroy him. 2008年金融海啸席卷全球,野心商人贺天生(郭晋安饰)欲趁机吞并香港首富方松荫(胡枫饰)的集团,最后却遭富商卓启堂(潘志文饰)出手阻挠,天生怀恨在心,伺机复仇。2016年,启堂已取代松荫成为香港首富,但却遭天降横祸,他因两名儿子意外离世大受打击,心脏病发昏迷。不谙世事的幼女卓定垚(周励淇饰)为守家业,在私募基金代理人高哲扶助下,与天生展开连场商战。随着启堂苏醒,天生妻子章明晞(杨怡饰)、松荫的孙子方泽雨(袁伟豪饰)、创业青年程凯(周柏豪饰)纷纷加入战局.

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