Forensic Heroes IV 法证先锋 IV (Dual Sound)
Release date / Available from:
Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese Cantonese
Genre: Drama

Senior Forensic Chemist Ko On (Raymond Wong) from the Forensic Science Division, Senior Forensic Pathologist Man Ka-hei (Selena Lee) from the Forensic Pathology Division, and Senior Inspector Kwok Fai-wong (Shaun Tam) from the Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit, formed a crime-solving triangle with their professional teams. The childhood regrets of hot-blooded reporter Chris Tsui (Roxanne Tong) were closely related to Ko On, Scientific Evidence Officer Shui Wai-ming (Alice Chan) became a murder suspect upon her boyfriend's betrayal, police elite Ko Ching (Rebecca Zhu) persistently investigated the truth of her sister's abduction. The crime-solving triangle firmly believes that good always triumph over evil and fights for justice. 香港法证部高级化验师高安(黄浩然饰)、法医科高级医生闻家希(李施嬅饰)、西九龙重案组高级督察郭辉煌(谭俊彦饰),“灭罪铁三角”带领着精英团队,用专业的法证科学,揭示惊人的预谋策划。用精密的法医知识,破解隐蔽的人体密码。用严谨的执法精神,披露震撼的罪恶真相。热血记者徐意(汤洛雯饰),童年憾事竟与高安紧扣牵连。法证专才水慧明(陈炜饰),遭至爱背叛顿成杀人疑凶。谜团奇案,重重交错;冷血凶徒,幕幕惊心。人在做,天在看。“灭罪铁三角”坚守“邪不胜正,恶不抵善”的信念,誓为死者发声,替生者雪冤

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