Hide And Seek 捉迷藏 (Dual Sound)
Release date / Available from:
Some Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese Korean
Genre: Drama

This drama explores the fate of the heiress to the nation's largest cosmetics conglomerate, and a woman who had to live that life in her stead, as well as the desires and secrets surrounding the two women. Starring Lee Yoo-ri, Song Chang-eui, Uhm Hyun-kyung and Kim Young-min. 韩剧捉迷藏剧情讲述了韩国业界第一的化妆品企业的女继承人和不得不代替她生活的另一个女人的命运,以及围绕着他们的欲望和秘密,在这部剧里,4个男女交错的命运和爱情影响他们的人生走向。

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