The Coming One S3 明日之子 S3
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

Contestants of "Crystal Time of The Coming One" will attain their "Strongest Brand Names" through constant progress. Guest mentors include Sun Yanzi, Hua Chenyu, Song Dandan, Long Danni, Mao Buyi, Meng Meiqi. Through tasks, practices, exams, the contestants will grow under the guidance of the mentors.《明日之子水晶时代》由孙燕姿、华晨宇、宋丹丹、龙丹妮、毛不易、孟美岐担任星推官。六位星推官各自坚守不同的专业领域和评选角度,在茫茫人海中共同寻找那些特别的存在,共同携手助力女性音乐梦想,打造未来音乐榜样。

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