118 Reunion 118 大团圆
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

This drama revolves around the original cast of “118”, telling the story of love and kinship. Da Ming (Chew Chor Meng) dedicates most of his time helping the elderly in the neighborhood, thus neglecting his wife, Mei Mei (Pan Ling Ling). To spite Da Ming, Mei Mei joins a beauty pageant and eventually attracts the attention of a wealthy man ! A fortune teller tells Shun Feng (Dennie Chew) to have a child by the end of this year, or he shall remain childless. To add on to his stress, he finds out that his wife, Mei Zhen ( Sora Ma), has been seeing Jian Guo( Zen Chong) behind his back ! Ah Niang (Chen Han Wei ) is a first-time father and his overly cautious personality drives his wife, Shan Shan ( Sheila Sim), up the wall. She later becomes interested in rock climbing and forges a close friendship with her instructor, Arthur (Chen Yi Xi). In spite of all their personal problems, will Da Ming and his family embrace the upcoming New Year on a happy note ? 故事围绕着长篇剧《118》的原班人马发展,发生了一些有趣、温馨的故事。达明(周初明)发挥“取之社会用之社会”精神,顾着关心社区贫困老人,引来老婆媚媚(潘玲玲)不快。媚媚去参加选美比赛,以证明自己风采依旧,还引来一中年大亨的注意,说她长得更自己失踪的太太一模一样。新年将到,顺风(周崇庆)因算命佬说他“狗年不当爸,无儿无女又不发”,倍感压力。顺风发现美珍(马艺瑄)常常与建国(章证翔)出去,怀疑妻子在他的背后搞外遇。阿娘(陈汉玮)初为人父,紧张兮兮,让妻子姗姗(沈琳宸)感到烦不胜烦。她后来爱上攀岩运动,认识了比她年轻的指导教练 Arthur(陈一熙)。新的一年即将来临,达明一家会是否可以开开心心地迎接新的狗年呢?

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