50 and Beyond
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Genre: Current Affairs

In 2015, Singapore celebrated its 50th birthday. It was a spectacular year defined by a plethora of events to mark the nation's Golden Jubilee. Known ubiquitously as SG50, the line-up of events was extensive, culminating in the Jubilee Weekend celebrations in August. Singaporeans also stepped forward to initiate projects, with more than 400 ground-up projects funded under the SG50 Celebration Fund. The topics were wide-ranging, from tributes to the pioneer generation, to causes about the environment and the less privileged, and projects on culture and heritage. How did SG50 bring the people together in celebration ? Is the Singapore spirit here to stay, or will it fizzle out once the celebratory mood ceases ? In the next 50 years, how will Singapore embrace the challenges in the global and domestic economy to build a future that encompasses the dreams and aspirations of its people ? How do Singaporeans find their place in this new chapter of Singapore history ?

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