Hong Daming grew up in Tiong Bahru and remained there as an adult, starting a business in the neighbourhood. It is his 25th wedding anniversary. With his wife, Liu Meimei, he reminisces about his life. Meimei is the paranoid sort. When she learns there may be a water shortage as a result of the dry spell, she buys empty bottles to stock up on water. The Hongs have a pair of biological children, Jinzhi and Shunshui, and a pair of adopted children, Shunfeng and Yuye. Shunfeng is a little silly and tells Meimei no girl would want to marry a man like him, even though he has some savings. Daming and Meimei share a room with their four children. Meimei feels awkward when her children let her and Daming have the room for the night.

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