2 X 5 Dol S2
Release date / Available from:

Audio: Malay
Genre: Comedy, Drama

In this second season of 2x5 Dol, Hairi and Jun are expecting their first child. Hairi becomes overly concerned about Jun’s pregnancy and her well-being, while Jun takes advantage of Hairi, keeping him at her beck and call. Jun decides to quit her job despite Hairi disapproval, and latter shoulders the responsibility of being the family’s sole breadwinner. Things take a turn for the worse when he is fired. However, instead of being sympathetic and encouraging towards Hairi, Jun takes the opportunity to have Hairi by her side, attending to her needs round the clock. Without a stable income to support themselves and their unborn baby, can they overcome the challenges ahead ? Or will they let their pride jeopardize their relationship ?

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