A Jubilee Journey
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Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Education

2015 was a highly memorable year for Singaporeans as the nation turned 50. It was a year-long celebration which saw Singaporeans participating in a multitude of events and ground up initiatives to mark the golden jubilee. In this two-part programme, our host, Belinda Lee, travels to key locations in Singapore to revisit some of the celebrations. Through the story-telling of various SG50 events, we delve into the changing landscape of Singapore: what was before, to how we got to where we are today, and how history will shape our future. Belinda Lee goes on a taxi ride around Singapore to relive the SG50 celebrations. She speaks to some Singaporeans to find out what is close to their hearts, and finds out how the film, art and music communities commemorated this special year. Belinda visits the National Museum to learn more about Singapore’s history and remember our founding fathers. Belinda also checks out the Botanic Gardens to celebrate its achievement as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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