A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zhang Zi Cheng (Chen Han Wei) is a senior creative director at an advertising firm when he was retrenched. With an overly generous wife Hu Jiao Fen (Zoe Tay), a son Yi Zheng (Edwin Goh) who wants to study in England to be with his girlfriend, and a daughter Yi Jing (He Ying Ying) who aspires to be a model, Zi Cheng is in need of money. He ends up as a delivery man and one day meets a mysterious man who passes him an expired TOTO slip. He ends up buying the same numbers on the expired TOTO and miraculously won the top prize. For the fear of losing his prize money, Zi Cheng hides his win from family and friends. But the stress takes a toll on him, and when his family finds out about his win, things started to fall apart… 张自成(陈汉玮)从事文字创作,在一间广告公司上班,后来不幸被公司裁。自成的妻子胡娇芬(郑惠玉),为人慷慨,虽然不富有,可是花起钱来一点都不心痛,对朋友有情有义,对家人更是全心全意。自成的儿子张一正(吴劲威)刚当完兵,由于女朋友要到英国读书,为了挽救这段恋情,向父母提出要求出国留学。 女儿张一静(何盈莹),在Poly读第3年,梦想当名模,穿漂亮的衣裳在T台上表演。由于 家里的开销大,他急着需要钱。 自成终于接受送货上门的工作,却不小心撞到一名神秘人物,给了自成一张过期的TOTO票据、要他跟着买。于是,自成下注,竟然真的中到头奖! 由于担心娇芬会把钱借给兄妹,自成决定隐瞒自己中奖的事,不让家人知道。自成有钱不能花,还要装穷,日子过得很不开心。后来,他的家人发现他赢了头奖,心中怀着不满。更糟的是,一连串不幸的事也接二连三地发生在自成的身上…

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