A World Of Difference 都市狂想

A World of Difference is an anthology series, which examines current social issues set in a local alternative present, in an imaginative, light hearted manner with a satirical tone. The story is standalone, with a common character who plays the role of an official in the various stories, example a tax officer, an examination official, a labour office clerk etc. He will be the one to explain rules or deliver results to the main protagonists. 《都市狂想》系列通过大胆设想的背景,富有奇幻色彩的故事,带出与社会相关的课题。各单元故事由不同演员主演,只有一位演员将在所有故事中出现,演绎负责不同工作的小公务员,例如税务官、考官等。

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