This series is about an American-born Chinese "brat" from Beverly Hills named Chia Dong-Jin, also known as Dong-Jin or DJ (Eugene Lee), who is rich, spoilt and almost-worthless Americanized Chinese who had been banished to Singapore by his father, Master Zhang, to live with a conservative Chinese family, the Gohs, so that DJ will learn about Chinese culture. An American-born Chinese boy is sent to Singapore to live with a conservative Chinese family and that can only spell one thing: m-a-y-h-e-m ! ABCDJ is about a Singapore Chinese family, headed by a sinseh called Goh (Liu Qianyi) coming to terms with the fact that Goh’s sifu, the respected Master Zhang has sent his rich and spoilt Americanised son, Dong Jin or DJ (Eugene Lee) to live with them to learn to be a ‘good Chinese boy’ to much hilarious effect

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