Adat Padat
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Audio: Malay
Genre: Variety

A celebrity-centred fun-filled gameshow showcasing Malay culture to young Malay and non-Malay celebrities, which puts the celebrities to different tests in order to win the game each week. The winning group wins cash money for the charity organization of their choice. This is a game show that celebrates traditional Malay culture i.e. food, arts and music, traditional games and dying trades while educating the young Malays and the non-Malays. ADAT PADAT will be packaged with funny running commentary (voice-over) by a well-known voice, sound effects to enhance a funny situation, flashing “inner thoughts” of the contestants using text/graphics as well as sporadic repeats in slow motion. Instructions for missions are read by teams and enhanced by graphics as well. Interactivity and engagement of the show will come from the crazy/fun-filled/hilarious antics of the teams as well as through mechanisms of the missions.

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