Audio: Tamil
Genre: Drama

Human life is filled with experiences to last a lifetime… Some sad, some joyous… Some violent, some just a tad bit passive… But whether these experiences make a better person out of us or a fiend out of us, it is up to each individual. Avargal – How do they interpret their life experiences ? Do they succumb under the pressure that life throws at them or walk out having conquered both their hearts and souls… ? Avargal is a ten-part drama that revolves around the trials and tribulations of three families. Jegan and Meera – The couple with everything…Looks, wealth and boundless love. Or that’s how it looks to the outer world. But Jegan’s roving eye is just not the answer to Meera’s aching heart… Arun and Saritha - When it is him who needs shelter from her… Violence and abuse is rife behind their closed doors. But Arun had never been the one who initiates them. Lavanya and Deva – The beauty who is scared to trust. Is Deva the man for her ? Or is she looking for love in all the wrong places ? Avargal’s lives are seen through Selvam’s eyes. The man who came to Singapore to make a living… makes a lot of soulful connections instead. His stay in Singapore proves to be a dramatic one where he passes through different stages of conflicts. Though the good times with Jegan, Arun and Lavanya have left behind great memories, the conflicts and painful moments in the lives of these people leaves a lasting impression.

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