Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们
Some Sexual References

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

It is the year 2020. The university reunion party brings three estranged best friends - Si Ya, Yun Xi and Zi Ying back to the campus once again. Besides retrieving the ‘memories’ stored in the time capsule 10 years ago, everyone is also eager to see Romeo, the person who caused their fallout years ago. However, he does not turn up. Yun Xi tries to get close to Si Ya and Zi Ying, in order to rekindle their friendship, resulting in a trip down memory lane. 思雅、芸汐和姿颖曾是大学时期的闺蜜,当年为了一个叫Romeo的男生,闹得不欢而散,从此成了陌路人。 2020年的大学同学会,大家期待着Romeo再次出现,一起取回彼此当年埋下的时间胶囊,谁知Romeo仍音讯全无;反而是归国后的芸汐,企图与思雅和姿颖重修旧好,唤起当年在大学里的各种难忘回忆。

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