Blessings 祖先保佑

四十年代,’喜记’是本地家喻户晓的传统潮州饼店,尤其是它们制作的中秋饼更是闻名遐迩。’喜记’的老板连学庚育有独子连文鼎,在制饼方面有着极高的天分。文鼎与卖唱女林小梅情投意合,让父亲得知,千方百计阻止两人来往,还安排了他和富商的女儿孙秀兰成亲。碍于父亲的威严和传统的束缚,文鼎无奈接受安排,而实际上秀兰确实是个好妻子、好媳妇,使得文鼎认为父亲当初的选择是正确的。 In the 1940s, ‘Xiji’ was a famous traditional Teochew traditional pastry shop in Singapore. Their mooncakes are particularly renowned. Lian Xuegeng, the boss of ‘Xiji’, has an only son Lian Wending who is very talented in baking pastry. Wending shares a bond with Lin Xiaomei, a travelling songstress. When his father finds out about it, he tries all means to stop them from seeing each other and even arranges for Wending to marry a rich merchant’s daughter, Sun Xiulan. Strangled by his father’s authority and bound by tradition, Wending accepts the arrangement helplessly. Xiulan is, in fact, a good wife and daughter-in-law, leading Wending to acknowledge that his father’s choice is right.

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