Body SOS S8 小毛病大问题 S8
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Entertainment, Health, Variety

Channel 8's iconic health programme, Body SOS returns for the 8th Season ! This season, continue to join the hosts and guest artistes as well as a group of medical experts to delve deeper into various health issues and symptoms; and learn tips on how to safeguard your health. We will also bring this new series closer to more audience as there will be outdoor recordings that will be held once every 2 months at public areas ! 《小毛病大问题》来到第8系列了!这一季,老李和小李除了会在医学院继续向教授团请教和研讨更多的健康课题,分享更多的保健知识!他们还要走入人群!每两个月要到邻里购物商场进行户外实习!中西医会在现场开课,为大家解答问题!

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