By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

While everyone is showing concern and love for the sick and needy, very little has been done for the caregivers. They have the toughest job in the world as they are the world to their receivers. But all the sacrifices and changes are not necessarily sad and depressing. We hope to feature caregivers with the right attitude and mindset. They have changed for the better not only for themselves, but also for the receivers of their care.每个人都对家中的患者表示关心和关爱,但是很少对他们的守护者表示关注。世界上最艰苦的职业之一就是守护者。他们所做出的牺牲和改变都不一定令人伤心和沮丧。希望通过节目,以正确的态度和思维方式表扬守护者所做的一切。家中有失智症老人、有自闭症患者、有罕见疾病孩子,看这些守护者如何积极面对并解决问题,甚至迟缓了这些疾病对患者所造成的伤害;他们当中不仅为自己改变了生活的局面,也改变了他们所关心的患者。

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