Baby Boom 我家四个宝

Both Tim (Li Nanxing) and Kim (Zoe Tay) are successful in their careers and see having a child as a burden to climbing up the corporate ladder. However, during their 38th birthday celebration, it dawns on them that they no longer share common topics with their friends and relatives. Thus, they decide on starting a family. A visit to the doctor reveals that Kim is expecting four babies ! However, the thought of having 4 kids at a go proves too much for Tim and Kim who then decide to keep to their one child policy. But an argument soon erupts because they cannot agree on whether to keep the boy or the girl and their parents are against abortion. Will Tim and Kim get use to their new change in lifestyle and cope with parenthood ? ‘Baby Boom’ also stars Michelle Saram of Meteor Gardens II and Gurmit Singh of the award winning sitcom, Phua Chu Kang, in his first Mandarin speaking role. The latter plays the flirtatious Benny whose wife (Pan Lingling) walks out on him after she catches him with another woman.

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