Beautiful Homes

Audio: English
Genre: Home Improvement

It is common to walk past a beautifully designed house that immediately captivates one’s curiosity, leaving one wondering what the rest of the house looks like inside. This series gives viewers privileged access into such homes, and talks to the architects and designers behind these resplendent residences. While on a tour of the house, viewers are offered expert insight into the inspiration and philosophy behind the design approach of the house, the materials used, as well as a clever tip or two on achieving a particular look and feel. Where possible, homeowners are also featured to reinforce the human element in the programme. The series is fronted by a presenter, who meets the architect responsible for each individual project. The architect gives the presenter a tour of the house, where details and information are communicated through a casual interview. An aspirational lifestyle series, the treatment is modern and chic, reflecting the progressive architectural ideas manifested in the houses.

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