Beyond The Axis of Truth 法医X档案

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Thriller

An artist travels back in time and started a search for him in the presence, which led to a mystery murder that took place in the 70s. A 3G handphone becomes the instrument of communication across time. Can a handphone turn around the course of event ? A truck was discovered to carry crates of dead bodies with different missing organs. The identities of these bodies cannot be traced. Who are they and what fate has they met with ? A boy who was seriously injured by his classmate grew up with half a brain and develops supernatural powers in controlling the will of others. Soon after, mysterious deaths took place�� A mysterious inheritance was bequeathed to 7 women with natural red-hair. However, the women end up dead after one another. Only 3 women were left, who is the real murderer ? A driver transports a truck full of chemicals to the forest for disposal mysteriously dies before he can leave the forest. A series of murders that ensued appear to be related to plant destruction and environmental issues where those who are bent to destroy nature will suffer a tragic end. Who is behind these murders ? There has been a spate of gruesome finds of children with their flesh missing. This led the police to a group people who turned cannibalistic after attending the same psychological course. What course is this and what is the counselor of the course up to ?

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