Beyond The Physical

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Sports

Beyond The Physical – giving an insight to disability sports, giving an opportunity to prove that disabled does not mean unable. - A group of guys playing soccer at your neighbourhood field may be a common sight. However, what makes this group of soccer players special is the fact that all of them are hearing impaired. Ever wondered how the referee manages to do his job ? - Imagine watching an amputee glide through the water with utmost ease, swimming even faster than any able-bodied person, or watching a blind swimmer do his laps in the pool. How do they manage to stay buoyant in the water ? How do the visually impaired navigate through the pool ? Find the answers in Beyond the Physical that aims to raise the public awareness of disability sports. Each week, a sporting activity and a few personalities who are actively involved in the sporting activity, will be featured. The rules and how the disabled play the sport will be outlined and explained in the program. Witness a thrilling friendly match that allows the able-bodied to play with the disabled athletes ! Hosted by Shane Mardjuki.

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