Break Free 曙光

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Break Free (simplified Chinese: 曙光) is the eighth Malaysian production by MediaCorp Studios Malaysia. Filming began in July 2012 and took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It made its debut in Singapore on 18 March 2013. Four men leave prison, each facing an uncertain future – The first one, Li Tian Ming, had been a hot headed and emotional man who owned a moving company. He was originally leading a happy and contented life, not knowing that his wife, Huang Hai Tang, was having an affair with her qigong master, Wang Xiao Tian. Then, his sister, Li Chun Li, ganged up with her husband, Xiong Zheng Hui, to cheat their mother of her life savings. Thus the siblings became bitter enemies. Once, in a fight, Li Tian Ming accidently chopped Xiong Zheng Hui’s hand, and was sentenced to jail. Just before he was released, he received news that his mother had passed away, and that his wife was asking for a divorce. Li Tian Ming had suddenly lost everything, including his house and daughter, to Wang Xiao Tian.At this point in time, Tian Shi Shi came into Li Tian Ming’s life. She was kind hearted and helpful, but ended up embroiled the lives and relationships of the four men.Jin Yong Cheng used to be an alcoholic gambler, who hit his wife. Thus his wife took his daughter, Jin Hui Chen, and committed suicide. Luckily Jin Yong Cheng arrived in time to rescue his daughter, but was too late to save his wife. As he was guilt ridden and drank even more, he killed Ye Zhi Bin’s cousin while drink-driving and was sentenced to prison. With her mother dead and father in prison, Jin Hui Chen became rebellious with a hatred for her father. Her father was in no position to discipline her, and she had a reputation for being a wild and problematic child.

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