Big Food
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Audio: English
Genre: Food, Info-Ed

Nothing is too big for Greta Georges. In BIG FOOD she discovers what it takes to make, manage and move massive amounts of food. Travelling the globe in search giants in the food industry, she goes behind-the-scenes at everything; from a paella competition in Spain, to a free kitchen that feeds 80,000 people a day in Punjab, to a wedding for some 1,500 guests in Singapore. Seeing how these extraordinary events come together, Greta soon discovers that it’s back breaking work and any number of things can go wrong. Every year, 30,000 people flock to Getxo in Northern Spain for one of the oldest and most prestigious paella contests in the world. This year, Greta is there to see if chefs from Singapore’s Papito’s restaurant can beat the Spanish at their own national dish ! The PasarBella market traders won the Oceania International Championship in Australia but in Spain the competition will be much bigger. 160 competing teams will cook over 300 kilograms of rice and burn 7,000kg of firewood. It’s a trial by fire for the Singapore team.

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