C.L.I.F. S1 警徽天职 1

A bomb explodes in a country club where foreign delegates and ministers are meeting. The police receive a mysterious call that a bomb has been planted at a bus interchange. The bomb explodes in the middle of the night. Are the two related ? Special Investigations Section officer Chong Yee Tat investigates. 数名部长和一些外国政要正在俱乐部打球,不料附近垃圾桶发生爆炸事件;警方接到一通神秘来电,对方声称在巴士总站安装了炸弹。深夜,一辆回总站的巴士果然爆炸。两起爆炸案是否有关连?任职于刑事侦查局特别罪案调查组的易达积极展开调查。

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