C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队
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Some Violence and Coarse Language

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Action

A story of a homicide case causing an unprecedented event between the evil and the good. Wang Man Ting (Rebecca Lim), of the police coast guard pairs up with senior investigator Xiao Feng Ze (Pierre Png), to investigate. While exploring the case, Man Ting and Feng Ze who hold a grudge against each other reveal their unbearable past. Meanwhile, Lu Guo Tai, (Wang Yu Qing) the head of a criminal family tries with various devices to obtain information from the police. Guo Tai’s eldest son, Lu Jia Ming (Weber Yang) is ordered to approach Man Ting but realises they have known each other since a kidnapping case 18 years ago. Man Ting and Jia Ming develop deeper feelings for each other while a deep conspiracy awaits them. Li Xiao Rong (Shane Pow) is a dedicated police and is sworn brothers with members of the police coast guards, Xiao Yi Shou (Nick Teo) and Aden Thiam (Joel Choo). Their friendship is put to the test when a new police officer, Le Si Min (He Ying Ying) appears. During an embattlement, Aden perishes in the line of duty, Guo Tai is killed and reveals Si Min’s father, Le Xiao Tian’s (Guo Liang) unknown side. On the other hand, due to Guo Tai’s death, Jia Ming is involved in a gas attack case and is forced to push his loved ones near the boundary of death. Man Ting, Feng Ze and others try to turn the tide only to realise an extremely unknown powerful force on the rise is slowly approaching. On the surface of a calming tranquil sea, comes the turbulent waves. With great threat and entanglement, how will the police officers uphold the mission endowed by the badge to fight against and destroy the opposing forces, to bring into play their duty to rid of all evils? 一起买凶杀人案,引发了一场前所未有的正邪角力。警察海岸卫队的王曼婷(林慧玲饰)与高级调查员萧峰泽(方展发饰)因此展开联合追查。心存芥蒂的两人也在这次交锋中掀开了不堪回首的过去。与此同时,以陆国泰(王昱清饰)为首的犯罪家庭正想方设法套取警方情报。长子陆家明(杨一展饰)受命接近曼婷,却发现18年前的一起绑架案早已为他们种下了缘分。两人感情升温,殊不知一场惊天阴谋正等着考验他们。曼婷的得力助手李晓荣(包勋评饰)是尽忠职守的警察,他与同样服务于海岸卫队的萧益守(张鈞淯饰)和Aden谭俊雄(朱哲伟饰)称兄道弟。无奈三人的情谊却因为新晋警员乐思敏(何盈莹饰)的介入而产生了变化。在一场围剿行动中,Aden殉职,国泰遇害,揭露了思敏父亲乐笑天(郭亮饰)不为人知的一面。另一边厢,家明因国泰之死被卷入一场毒气案,并且被迫将至亲至爱推向死亡的边缘。曼婷与峰泽等人力挽狂澜,却发现极端恐怖势力正朝他们步步逼近…… 看似平静的海面暗潮汹涌。在极大的威胁与重重纠葛之中,警方如何秉持警徽所赋予的使命,对抗邪恶势力,发挥铲恶锄奸的天职?

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