City On The Move
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Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Travel

For many Singaporeans, the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT has become an integral part of our everyday commute. It’s probably the fastest way to get around the city, besides taxis. But back in the 1970s, the decision to build the MRT system was not an easy one. It was a $5 billion dollar question that resulted in the Great MRT Debate. The green light for the mega project was finally given a decade later. Join our hosts Tim Nga and Denise Keller as they journey into the past, present and future of Singapore’s rail system. They will share their experience as commuters, and even go behind the scenes to find out how the maintenance staff keep the rail system on track. They will also take a sneak peek into the future on what commuters can expect when the MRT network expands to serve more passengers.

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