Coarse Language Mature Theme

Audio: English
Genre: Drama

After getting entangled in an incident during an overseas competition, Sunway University star rugby player James gets kicked out of the school team and loses his scholarship which puts his university education in jeopardy. Trying to find a way to fix this, James gets the chance to join another sport as a replacement for an injured athlete and claim back his scholarship. Only problem is that the sport happens to be cheerleading. James is hesitant joining cheerleading as he doesn’t feel he would be a good fit and doesn’t really consider it to be a manly sport. With no choice, he joins cheerleading and quickly discovers that cheerleading is no walk in the park and requires strength and skill to ace it. Although he starts off as a complete mess, he works hard at and after many trials and tribulations becomes a pretty good cheerleader. However, it’s not a smooth sailing journey and James has to deal with a lot of drama that includes having feelings for the cheer captain Chloe, having a nasty break up with his girlfriend Hanna, falling out with his best friend Matthew and getting framed for something he didn’t do and getting kicked off and then coming back on the cheer team in this rollercoaster of emotions filled fast-paced exciting sports drama.

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