Crescendo 起飞
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Yang Yiwei, CEO of Crescendo Record Company, is lauded with a Top Ten Outstanding Youth of the Year award. His good friends Jiang Chufan and David are at the presentation ceremony, but his wife, Wang Yafang, is nowhere to be seen. Away from the limelight, Yiwei has to deal with divorce proceedings that Yafang has initiated, an indifferent son, Chengye, and queries from a sceptical journalist, Shixin. Yiwei, Chufan and David became good friends in their junior college days because of the song “Yi Wan Guo Qu”, which continues to attest to their strong bond of friendship. Alixia, a new singer, has done an impressive recital of Chufan’s new song in the studio. Chufan is immensely satisfied with her performance and believes she is the most suitable singer for the song. Wenjie, the sound engineer, secretly adores her. Mei, a tycoon from China, promises to finance Crescendo’s overseas expansion, on condition Chufan is the producer for the new album his god-daughter, Linna, is about to cut. Yiwei views this as an opportunity for the company. Chufan strongly objects to the suggestion that Linna should replace Alixia as the singer for his new song. Citing the financial difficulty that Crescendo is mired in, Yiwei tries to reason with him. David is caught in between his two good friends. Swallowing his pride and disregarding Chufan’s objections, Yiwei agrees to sigh the contract with Mei in order to rescue Crescendo out of its cash flow shortage. After much persuasion from David, Chufan agrees to attend the contract signing ceremony, but he cannot be reached on the actual day itself.

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