Dream Coder 梦想程式
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zheng Hong Yi (Desmond Tan) and Yuan Jing Cheng (Teddy Tang) founded BEGAN APPS three years ago. Hong Yi is impressed by He Jian Ming’s (Aloysius Pang) ability to decode his games design and hires him. But the company’s software engineer Fang Ru (Carrie Wong) cannot get along with Jian Ming. When Jian Ming finally gathers his courage to profess his love for Fang Ru, he realizes she is in love with Zhong Zhen Long (Romeo Tan). Zhen Long’s former girlfriend, Rui Qing (Seraph Sun) returns and the pair has to put their feelings aside. Zhong Ya Yun (Joanne Peh) was a happy housewife who lost everything after her husband elopes with his mistress, taking away all their money. Initially dependent on her brother Zhen Long, she picks herself up and joins BEGAN APPS as a Data Analyst. Just when BEGAN APPS is about to take off with a major project, Jing Cheng turn against the company. Hong Yi is deeply hurt by his best friend’s betrayal and breaks down… BEGAN APPS 公司在创办人郑宏毅(陈泂江)和袁精诚(唐崧瑞)带领下,稳定迈入第三年。宅男何建明(冯伟衷)因为解码了宏毅设计的游戏环节,被宏毅发掘,成为了BEGAN APPS 的软件工程师。建明与同事方如(黄思恬)水火不容,但经过磨合后,发现了彼此的优点。建明鼓起勇气,开始对方如展开热烈的追求,可惜方如却似乎对钟镇隆(陈罗密欧)产生了好感。她对镇隆敞开心扉。两人感情增进之际,镇隆的前女友瑞晴(孙欣佩)突然出现。原本是幸福太太的钟雅芸(白薇秀)一夜间一无所有,丈夫在一次投资失利后,带着小三卷款而逃,抛弃雅芸母女,逼得她只好投靠弟弟镇隆。她面对失婚的现实,决心自立,加入BEGAN APPS成了数据分析员。原本即将上轨道的BEGAN APPS 公司遭到精诚的背叛,造成BEGAN APPS前所未有的危机。面对最好的朋友的出卖,宏毅坚韧的外壳终于瓦解。。。

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