Driven By A Car 欲望街车

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

The Chen clan of more than ten members resides in a flat together. The eldest son Weida is a car spare-parts salesman. He has no interest in driving the car and hand it over to his wife Jinfeng. The eldest daughter Liying is the manager of a petrol kiosk and is proud and boastful. Her husband Guoren is a second-hand goods dealer, he harps on cruising around in a luxurious car and this preoccupation becomes a problem when Liying suspect that he might be having an affair behind her back. The youngest son Weilong and girlfriend Meilan are flashy youngsters. Both of them decide to buy their own car and find that the burden of owning one soon wears them down. When their parents decide to buy a new car, responsibilities are added and have to be borne by various members of the family and soon stress is created with increased friction among family members.

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